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Dynarex Self Seal Sterilization Pouch, 5 1/4" x 10"

Category: Podiatry Specialty


Category: Dental Specialty


Category: Dermatology - Plastic Surgery Specialty


Category: Orthopedics Specialty


Category: Pouches / Wraps

SKU: DYN4464

Dynarex Self Seal Sterilization Pouch, 5 1/4" x 10" sterilization pouches, self-sealing
sterilization pouches, self-sealing


5 1/4" x 10"

Self-sealing - no tape or heat sealing needed
Blue-tinted transparent cover makes it easy to detect contamination
Internal and external color-changing indicators assure proper processing in chemical vapor, steam, or ethylene oxide (EO) gas sterilization
Medical grade materials
Latex free