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OCL Plaster Splints, Extra-Fast, 5" x 30"

Category: Podiatry Specialty


Category: Dermatology - Plastic Surgery Specialty


Category: Splints

SKU: 61445

OCL Plaster Splints, Extra-Fast, 5" x 30" splint, plaster, consistent, OCL
splint, plaster, consistent, OCL


The OCL brand Plaster Splint is stronger than most other plaster splints. The DuoSet plaster gives a faster initial set on the outer layer. A nonwoven layer allows the plaster crystals to lock in the dimpled areas and form additional reinforcement without added weight. The system is covered with flannel on one side and foam on the other. Open-cell foam helps prevent the splint from migrating and improves air exchange for enhanced patient comfort. The flannel helps reduce moisture retention and ensures faster set times. A thermal barrier also doubles as a filtering system to prevent plaster from embedding in the foam layer. The surged sides provide added patient comfort. Extra-Fast (2-4 minutes setting time).