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Skin Prep Protective Wipes

Category: Alcohol / Peroxide

SKU: SN420400

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Skin Prep Protective Wipes Skin Prep
Skin Prep


Features & Benefits :

Skin Prep Helps tape and film adhesion. Only one coat is required, so less product is used per application.
Applies a coating that prepares the skin for adhesives and provides a protective interface .
Helps to preserve proper skin integrity and prevent damage or injury during removal of tapes and films.
Helps to make adhesive removal less painful for patients.
Is easily removed using skin cleanser or soap and water, so there's no need to scrub the skin or expose it to harsh chemical cleaners or solvents that can cause irritation.
Thick formula means only one coat is needed to form a protective film, so patients are more comfortable during application.
Is applied easily, even on awkward areas such as elbows, knees, and heels. Moves naturally with patients’ skin and won’t crack or peel.