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Specialist Plaster Splints, Extra-Fast, 4" x 15"

Category: Podiatry Specialty


Category: Dermatology - Plastic Surgery Specialty


Category: Splints

SKU: 61424

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Specialist Plaster Splints, Extra-Fast, 4" x 15" splint, plaster, consistent, Specialist
splint, plaster, consistent, Specialist


Specialist Plaster Splints:
Uses a time-tested formula and manufacturing process that produces a consistent plaster. The plaster is uniformly coated and firmly adhered to the gauze. Have a high dry/wet plaster retention, which means that more plaster is applied to the cast and not wasted in the wrapper or dip bucket. Extra-Fast (2-4 minutes setting time).

* Excellent strength
* Early green strength
* Low exothermal output
* Smooth finish