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Urea Care

Category: Podiatry Specialty


Category: Creams / Lotions

SKU: 462406

Urea Care urea care, therapeutic, hydrating, moisture
urea care, therapeutic, hydrating, moisture


Urea Care is a unique therapeutic treatment that consists of a blend of 10% Urea, aloe vera, essential oils, vitamins A, D and E with other hydrating properties that provide maximum moisture to heal dry, cracked, rough skin, also associated with diabetic foot ailments. Urea Care glides on easily, immediately revitalizing skin that needs intense moisture replenishment, resulting in a smooth, ultra-soft look and feel.

Urea Care Benefits:
* Feel the benefit of 10% Urea, without the residue most Urea formulas leave behind.
* Glides on with quickly, deeply penetrating the skin.
* Provides intense therapeutic moisturizing treatment for dry, rough, callused areas.
* Enriched with Aloe Vera, essential oils, Vitamins A, D, E and moisturizers leaving the skin feeling soft, 
silky and velvety.
* Contains no mineral oil or petroleum, never leaving a greasy feel.
* Available size: 6 oz.


6 oz. Tube


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