3M Scotchcast Plus Casting Tape 3″ x 4 yds Bright Orange


3M Scotchcast Plus Casting tape combines the benefits of a fiberglass casting tape with the handling ease of plaster to provide orthopedic surgeons and casting personnel with the casting characteristics they need. Simple application, quick and easy to apply without mess. Water activated resin gives control of set time for both basic and speciality casting applications.

The tack-free finish gives ease of roll unwind during application and enhanced glove movement during molding, thus improving lamination. Multi-directional extensibility. Casting tape conforms well to contours, improving cast fit and apperance.

Durable and stong, water-resistant and hard wearing. The lightweight fiberglass construction of Scotchcase Plus tape allows for ease of mobility. Porous casting tape allows skin to breathe. Improved finish helps to prevent scratching skin or snagging clothes.

Box of 10

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