AmeriGel Post-Op Surgical Kit


AmeriGelĀ® Post-Op Surgical Kits bring the next level of post-operative care directly to your practice. Packaged for continuous 30-day post-operative care, the Post-Op Kit provides your patients with cost-effective convenience while giving healthcare professionals control of consistent, compliant results following matrixectomies, wound debridement, wart removal and post-operative wound care.

AmerigelĀ® is proven bactericidal against 51 gram + and ā€“ microorganisms, including MRSA and VRE. AmerigelĀ® kills 99.2% of MRSA within 24 hours.

Each Kit Contains a 30-Day Supply:
* 1 oz. tube AmeriGelĀ® Wound Dressing
* 4 oz. AmerigelĀ® Wound Wash
* 30 ea. 1″ x 3″ Latex-free Fabric Bandages
* 30 ea. 4-ply Non-woven 2″ x 2″ Gauze Pads
1 Kit