NexTemp Disposable Thermometers


Throw away the Germs! Individually wrapped NexTemp thermometers are designed to reduce the risk of cross infection or reinfection that could occur with other thermometer systems. Simply discard the thermometer after patient use.

NexTemp thermometers are less expensive than any other type of thermometer. They require no special storage conditions, batteries, covers or recalibration processes.

NexTemp thermometers are easier to use and read compared to predecessor dot-matrix thermometers. NexTemp thermometers replace dangerous glass/mercury, digital electronic and tympanic thermometers. NexTemp thermometers and packaging contain no latex and are non-toxic. They conform to ASTM E1299-96 safety requirements.

NexTemp color-change thermometers have been proven under strict clinical conditions and meet stringent ASTM accuracy requirements. NexTemp can be used for oral, axillary and with the NexTemp sheath, for rectal temperatures.