DARCO Shoe, Surgical Square Toe Effective – HCPCS L3260

Square toe design provides additional protection when K-wires are present. Rocker sole reduces plantar pressure.
Packaging: 1 Shoe/Box

Suggested HCPCS Code – L3260
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Darco shoe square toe design provides additional protection when K-wires are present. Rocker sole reduces plantar pressure on the forefoot and heel. Available in black.

Men’s SMALL: 6 – 8
Men’s MEDIUM: 8 ½ – 10
Men’s LARGE: 10 ½ – 12
Men’s EXTRA LARGE: 12 ½ – 14

Women’s SMALL: 4 – 6
Women’s MEDIUM: 6 ½ – 8
Women’s LARGE: 8 ½ – 10
1 Shoe/Box

Frequently Asked Questions 

After an injury or surgery, a Darco surgical shoe protects the foot and toes. It is also known as a hard sole shoe, rigid sole shoe, and postop Darco shoe. It resembles a large shoe, with a hard sole and fabric or meshes sides, as well as changeable straps. The toes of your feet are open while wearing the Darco surgical shoe. The Darco shoe makes the foot carry weight differently than a regular shoe, it restricts motion. Pain can be increased after an injury or surgery if there is increased movement.

The Darco shoe has been designed for people who have had injuries that require them to wear shoes with a hard sole. This type of shoe helps protect against pressure points in the heel area.

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How is the post-surgical Darco shoe applied?

To put on the Darco surgical shoe:

  • Have the patient sit down and place their foot comfortably in the shoe.
  • Close the fabric or mesh sides over the top of the foot.
  • Tighten the straps of the shoe so they are snug but not too tight. The shoe should limit movement but not cut off the blood flow.
  • Have the patient stand up and take a few steps to practice walking.

Make sure that they follow all instructions carefully when trying to put them on at home. When wearing the Darco surgical shoe,  it is recommended that they keep their ankle straight as much as possible.

Darco shoes provide support for their injured foot. They allow the patient to walk without feeling pain. A good quality Darco shoe provides stability and protection for the foot. Many patients report less pain when wearing a Darco surgical shoe. In addition, most doctors recommend that patients wear a Darco shoe after having certain surgeries. After surgery, patients may experience swelling and bruising that can be accommodated by a Darco shoe. Wearing a Darco surgical shoe allows patience to move the foot freely.

What else do I need to know about a surgical Darco shoe?

Make sure that patients check their foot and toes often. Patients are checking for foot and toes for redness and swelling. If the toes are red, swollen, numb, or tingly, loosen your straps. Over time, the swelling from the injury or surgery will decrease. When this happens, patients may need to tighten the straps.
Patients must be careful when they walk on wet surfaces. The shoe may be slippery.
Recommend to patients that off the Darco surgical shoe to bathe. If the patient insist on wearing the shoe recommend to wear a cover it with a plastic bag and tape the bag closed around their leg.

When should a patient wear the surgical Darco surgical shoe?

Consider dispensing these shoes to patients when after having foot surgery. These types of shoes accommodate bulky dressings and restrict movement of the foot joints while walking around.

There are two main categories of surgical Darco surgical shoes; those worn immediately after surgery and those worn long term. Immediately after surgery, the goal is to prevent further damage to the soft tissues surrounding the affected areas while the surgical site heals. Long term uses are intended to reduce discomfort associated with scar tissue formation or with chronic wounds.

Immediately Post Surgery: Immediate post op surgical Darco shoes are usually worn for approximately 4 weeks to as long as six months. During this time period, the patient wears the same type of shoe every day. However, the amount of padding varies based on the specific procedure performed. Other factors considered when determining the appropriate level of padding include age, activity levels, and body mass index.

Long Term Use: Long term use of surgical Darco shoes is generally recommended for patients experiencing chronic problems such as arthritis or chronic wounds. While the exact length of time required depends on the severity of symptoms experienced, many physicians suggest that patients continue to wear the same type of shoe indefinitely.

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DARCO Shoe, Surgical Square Toe Effective – HCPCS L3260
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