Don Joy Walking Boot XcelTrax Air Walker- Strong High Top – HCPCS L4361

Designed for ideal support and comfort following trauma or post-operative procedure.
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Suggested HCPCS Code – L4361
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Don Joy Walking Boot XcelTrax Air Walker-high top

Designed for ideal support and comfort following trauma or post-operative procedure. The lightweight design and unique pre-shaped ergonomic frame help to modify the level of pressure on the injury at both the malleoli and lower leg.

EXTRA SMALL . . . (M: 2 – 4, W: 3.5 – 5)
SMALL . . . (M: 4.5 – 7, W: 6 – 8)
MEDIUM . . . (M: 7.5 – 10.5, W: 8.5 – 11.5)
LARGE . . . (M: 10.5 – 12.5, W: 11.5 – 13.5)
EXTRA LARGE . . . (M: 12.5+, W: 13.5+)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Don Joy walking boot?

A walking boot is a type of medical shoe used to protect the foot and ankle after an injury or surgery. The boot can be used for broken bones, tendon injuries, severe sprains, or shin splints. A walking boot helps keep the foot stable so it can heal. It can keep your weight off an area, such as your toe, as it heals. Most boots have between 2 and 5 adjustable straps and go mid-way up your calf.

How do I put on the Don Joy walking boot?

You may want to wear a large sock.

  • Sit down and place your heel all the way to the back of the boot.
  • Wrap the soft liner around your foot and leg.
  • Place the front piece over the liner.
  • Start to fasten the straps closest to your toes then move up your leg.
  • Tighten the straps so they are snug but not too tight. The boot should limit movement but not cut off your blood flow.
  • If your boot has one or more air chambers, pump them up as directed by your healthcare provider.
  • Stand up and take a few steps to practice walking.
  • Deflate the air chambers before removing the boot.

What else do I need to know about Don Joy walking boots?

  • Check your foot and toes often. Check your foot and toes for redness and swelling. If your toes are red, swollen, numb, or tingly, loosen your straps or deflate the air chamber. Over time, the swelling from the injury or surgery will decrease. When this happens, you may need to tighten the straps.
  • Be careful when you walk on wet surfaces. The boot may be slippery.
  • Follow the instructions to wash the liner. Remove the liner and wash it by hand in cold water with a mild detergent. Do not use a washing machine or dryer. Place the liner flat to dry. Wash the plastic parts with a damp cloth and mild soap.
  • Ask about removing the boot to bathe or for motion exercises. You may need to leave the boot on when you bathe. Cover it with a plastic bag and tape the bag closed around your leg.

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Why are Don Joy walking boots recommended?

Don Joy walking boots provide you with more mobility than a traditional cast.
Many times, a person who suffers an ankle, foot or lower leg injury will benefit from a Procare walking boot. This walking boot is strapped to the affected leg and will help immobilize it in order for proper healing to occur.
The intention of a walking boot is to keep you as mobile as possible, while still protecting the injured structure.
It is important to properly wear the walking boot to ensure that the leg or foot heals correctly.
Specific advice should be directed to your doctor.

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How do I walk in the Don Joy walking boot?

The Don Joy walking boot is made for weight-bearing (putting weight on your foot) and walking. When you receive the brace, please follow your doctor’s instructions. Find out whether you can weight bear or if the doctor would like non-weight bearing at first. It may feel a little awkward or difficult to walk in the boot at first. This is because it has a rocker sole with no bend in the toe. As a result, you may feel slightly off balance. You may need to use a walker, cane, or crutches until you have adjusted to it. Practice at home or with a physical therapist or hospital staff member before walking outside. The heel height of the boot is slightly higher than a normal pair of running shoes. We suggest that you wear running shoes or something similar on the other foot. Try to keep your feet as evenly balanced as you can.

How do I plan for my trip home?

Arrange for someone to drive you home. You should not drive with the Don Joy walking boot on. If driving is an issue, please talk to your doctor about removing it to drive.

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Don Joy Walking Boot XcelTrax Air Walker-high top walker, high top, pneumatic
Don Joy Walking Boot XcelTrax Air Walker- Strong High Top – HCPCS L4361
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