HealthyStep 9 to 5 High Heel Insole

The ultimate high heels foot saviour has arrived! Feel heavenly on your heels for longer again with Nine-to-Five Heels.

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The ultimate high heels foot saviour has arrived!


This very slim and discreet orthotic device made from a special material makes high heels more pleasurable to wear. Works by moving your body weight away from the forefoot towards the heels helping to relieve pain and burning around the balls of your feet and toes. This insole sits at the back of the shoe only, so your toe box isn’t filled with material, leaving your toes free, unlike other high heel insoles that fill the toe box and squash toes. They work in any heeled shoe over 1 ¼” (34mm).


  • Special inbuilt flexion-lines allows the insole to shape to each individual shoes heel height.
  • Comfortable, washable and infused with peppermint essence for freshness.
  • Grips to the shoe (not on your feet) so they will not move within your shoe, although can still be removed to fit another pair of heels (washing renews shoe grip).
  • Wash with mild soapy water before transferring to another pair of heels and air dry to keep your insoles working fully.


Suitable for:

  • Reduce foot fatigue in high heels
  • Can be used for any symptom brought on wearing your heels
  • Pain in the ball of feet in high heels
  • Burning pain in high heels
  • General tiredness and discomfort of high heels
  • Brilliant for ballroom and other high heel dancing.


From US sizes 3.5 to size 10.5, these insoles cater for most sizes of court and stiletto shoe.



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HealthyStep 9 to 5 High Heel Insole
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