HealthyStep X-Line DJD Insole

An insole designed to alleviate big toe joint pain or ache during and after activity. Osteoarthritis is called Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) in medical circles and this is the first insole designed for big toe osteoarthritis. Widely used in the NHS.

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Made for 1st MTP Joint OA

Osteoarthritis is termed Degenerative Joint Disease, therefore we called the insole designed to alleviate big toe joint pain due to hallux rigidus/limitus the DJD.

Designed in Britain by HealthyStep, it is the first insole engineered from research data for this condition and is extremely effective being widely used in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

The whole insole is packed with unique features designed to assist the 1st joint move through the gait cycle without experiencing high dorsiflexion forces. This innovation is proving popular with patients suffering from arthritis in the 1st joint, and those who have undergone recent bunion surgery and 1st metatarsal phalangeal joint replacements/fusions.

The insole works by reducing the upward bending force (dorsiflexion moment) usually put on your big toe as your heel lifts off the ground. However, cleverly it still allows your other toes to bend normally. This reduces the pain yet allows you to walk normally by avoiding over-load of other metatarsal joints. Take it from us; that’s a neat trick!

  • Heel raise to allow the foot to pitch over the big toe more easily.
  • A forefoot rocker precisely located to reduce big toe joint stress.
  • A special ‘hallux trench’ to reduce how much the big toe needs to bend when walking, or other activities.
  • Lesser toe platform, so other toes continue to work normally.
  • Heel cradle and mid-foot support for comfort.


Additional information on the design features

Comfortable Movement

The X-Line DJD has an array of features which combine to make movement more comfortable. There is a heel raise which tips your foot forward a little. This means your painful or troublesome joint doesn’t have to bend as much when you walk.

Insole Metatarsal Rocker

Underneath the insole is a ‘rocker’ which will help move your foot from mid-stance phase (when you’re fully weight-bearing) to toe-off. The 1st joint area has an angled recess or ‘hallux trench’. This feature allows the hallux to ‘plantarflex’ slightly which means it dorsiflexes from a more plantarflexed position than normal. This again allows a more efficient gait by assisting the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint in the toe off stage.

    • Can be used for any symptom linked to an osteoarthritis big toe, sesamoiditis, turf-toe or after a big toe joint has been fused (arthrodesis).
    • Most pain in the big toe joint on exercise or walking.
    • Back, leg and foot pains caused by having a stiff big toe joint.
    • Helps with problems with walking after the big toe joint has been surgically fused.
    • Particularly effective for big toe pain hiking or playing golf.
    • Casual lace up shoes, deep golf shoes, trainer or hiking boots are the best options to fit these insoles.
    • It is much easier to fit the DJD if the shoe has a removable in-sock.


  • The DJD insole requires a deeper shoe with a deep toe box. Remove insock before fitting.
  • Best results are achieved with a stiff soled shoe.


Fits sizes 4-13 (US)



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HealthyStep X-Line DJD Insole
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