Insole for Shoes HealthyStep X-Line Pressure Perfect #1 Best Seller

Insole for Shoes HealthyStep X-Line Pressure Perfect

The X-Line Pressure Perfect is a cushioned-supportive orthotic ideal for people suffering with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, poor circulation and general aging that can cause loss of soft tissues under the feet.

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Healthy Step X Line Insole for shoesInsole for Shoes HealthyStep X-Line Pressure Perfect

The X-Line Pressure Perfect was designed by HealthyStep for the ‘at risk’ feet such as people suffering from diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, with poor circulation of blood in the feet, as well as other diseases and general ageing that can cause loss of soft tissues (atrophy) under the feet.

  • Medium-soft insole perfect for protecting these vulnerable feet because of its lightweight shock-absorbing abilities.
  • Mid-foot/arch support provides superior stability and the anatomical heel cradle gives effective rear-foot control.

Offering you similar support and treatment options to the Powerstep and Pinnacle devices but with excellent customization options. Pressure Perfect, with its additional cushioning, offers a great treatment for all patient activities.

The registered design X-line profile, coupled with the cushioning top cover has been independently tested by a world-leading Rheumatology research unit, and been shown to reduce pressure on the vulnerable heel and forefoot areas. These areas are common for pressure ulcers in diabetes.

The Pressure Perfect has also become very popular with badminton, tennis players, and long-distance runners. It seems everyone enjoys a little extra bounce in his or her day!

Additional information on the design features

Sports Insole for shoes

Increasingly popular with badminton, tennis and netball players, the Pressure Perfect insole is ideal for that little extra cushioning. This shock absorbing insole is becoming a favourite of hill-walkers and casual ramblers too. The top cover material of the Pressure Perfect insoles is a superb balance between shock absorbency and durability.

Shock Absorbing

Originally designed to meet the mechanical challenges of the high risk foot, this low profile, contoured surface provides ultimate comfort to all users.

Pressure Perfects’ shock absorbing properties have widened its usage to include many sporting and recreational activities including walking, hiking, running, racquet and multi-directional sports where supportive cushioning adds to performance comfort.

Laboratory Proven

The Pressure-Time Integral (PTI) describes not only the pressure at a specific point on the foot, but how long that pressure lasts at that specific point. Pressure Perfect was designed to reduce pressure at the forefoot, where many diabetic foot ulcers occur. Test showed that in prescribing Pressure Perfects, they were able to reduce PTI by between 22% and 39%!

1 Pair/Pkg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose an over-the-counter insole for shoes?

Selecting an insole for shoes from the wide variety of devices on the market can be overwhelming. Here are some podiatrist-tested tips to help you find the insert that best meets your needs:
• Consider your health. Do you have diabetes? Problems with circulation? An over-the-counter insole for shoes may not be your best bet. Diabetes and poor circulation increase your risk of foot ulcers and infections, so schedule an appointment with a podiatrist. He or she can help you select a solution that won’t cause additional health problems.
• Think about the purpose on the insole for shoes. Are you planning to run a marathon, or do you just need a little arch support in your work shoes? Look for an insole for shoes product that fits your planned level of activity.
• Bring your shoes. For the insole for shoes to be effective, it has to fit into your shoes. So bring your sneakers, dress shoes, or work boots—whatever you plan to wear with your insert. Look for an insole for shoes that will fit the contours of your shoe.
• Try them on. If all possible, slip the insert into your shoe and try it out. Walk around a little. How does it feel? Don’t assume that feelings of pressure will go away with continued wear. (If you can’t try the inserts at the store, ask about the store’s return policy and hold on to your receipt.)

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How to Tell if it’s the Right Fit?

Once you have selected a pair of insoles for shoes, take them out of the packaging and place them on the floor. While barefoot or in just stocks, stand on both pieces before you place them in shoes. If you are shopping for an orthotic for flat feet, note the arch support in the orthotic: does it work? If you are shopping for a soft orthotic, does it seem to absorb shock and provide enough cushioning?

How to Fit the Orthotics to Your Shoes?

Your insole for shoes may have to be trimmed down around the toe area in order to fit into your shoes. Follow the instructions on the package, trimming off only small sections at a time, following the curve from the ball of the foot all the way around the toes. After trimming a small section, attempt to insert them in your shoes. If they still do not fit, repeat. Remember: you can easily trim more off, but you can’t put it back if you trim too much!

How to Break In Orthotics?

Sometimes, when people start wearing orthotics, they may experience soreness in their feet, legs, or low back. A short period of soreness is normal, but can be reduced and/or eliminated if you gradually get your body used to your new orthotics. Follow these steps to break in new orthotics:
• Get used to your new orthotics during activities of daily living, such as school and shopping. Wear your orthotics in the shoes that you will be using them in the most (if possible).
• Increase your wear time by 2 hours each day. For example, on the first day, wear your orthotics for 2 hours, and then remove them from your shoes. On the second day, wear them for 4 hours and then remove them, and so on.
• If you notice soreness, you can remain on the same level of wear time for a few days until the soreness subsides. Then, continue increasing wear time by 2 hours each day.
• Wait to use your orthotics in your sport shoes until you can wear them comfortably for a full day during activities of daily living. Then gradually increase the use of the orthotics in your sport shoes over a few days. Start by just using them for running, and then increase the amount and type of activity performed while wearing them.

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Healthy Step X Line Insole for shoes
Insole for Shoes HealthyStep X-Line Pressure Perfect #1 Best Seller
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