Silipos Gel Care Sheets for Scar Management 1.5″ x 10″ 2 Sheets/Pkg. #762


Gel-Care™ Self-Adhesive Gel Sheets help new scars heal better and make old scars less noticeable. These dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic sheets slowly release medical grade mineral oil to moisturize, soften, and improve the elasticity of your skin.
Old scars will appear less noticeable, and when used on scars that are still healing (after surgery or injury), they can help make a significant, permanent improvement in the final appearance of the scar by softening, smoothing, and flattening the scar.
The gentle cushioning of the gel helps to relieve the painful itching and burning sensations common with scarring. Gel-Care™ sheets are silicone-free, washable, and reusable.

2mm thick layer of self-adhesive medical grade mineral oil gel with conforming material backing
Moisturizes the skin and helps to reduce scarring
Washable and reusable Latex free and hypoallergenic

2 Sheets/ Pkg.